Airtight Door is a reliable device to keep people safe

Publish Time:

Feb 18,2023

Airtight Door is made of wood and steel. The key component is the seal. So what is the antivirus setting for protecting Airtight Door? Airtight Door manufacturers will introduce to you:

Airtight Door

(1) There are main entrances and exits for medical engineering, professional team members, and first-class personnel shelters, one protective Airtight Door, two anti-virus passages and decontamination rooms, and two Airtight Doors. A protective Airtight Door, an anti-virus channel, and an Airtight Door are set up for the secondary entrances and exits.

(2) One protective Airtight Door, one anti-virus passage, simple decontamination room, and one Airtight Door are set up in the second-class personnel shelters and supporting projects with anti-virus requirements.

(3) There is only one protective Airtight Door for supporting projects such as garages that do not require anti-virus.

(4) Anti-virus passages should be composed of passages for protecting Airtight Doors and Airtight Doors, and Airtight Doors and Airtight Doors. Ventilation and ventilation equipment that can meet the requirements for the number of air changes should be installed in the passages, and the volume of the passages should be reduced under the premise of meeting the requirements.