Classification of Steel Airtight Door

Publish Time:

Jan 16,2023

Steel Airtight Doors are all flat-opening. Divided according to the number of doors, there are two types of air defense doors: single air defense door and double air defense door.

(1) Single-leaf doors are generally used for small-sized personnel entrances and exits.

(2) Double doors are generally used for larger vehicle entrances and exits.

Steel Airtight Door is classified according to whether there is a threshold at the opening, and there are three types: fixed threshold, living threshold and door drop type.

Steel Airtight Door

(1) The fixed threshold series civil air defense doors have the advantages of reliable protection and low cost. However, because there is a 150mm high fixed threshold at the entrance, it is generally used for door openings where there are not many people coming in and out (such as the door of the poison chamber).

(2) The cost of the living threshold series of civil air defense doors is slightly higher, and the threshold is installed in time of war, which can meet the corresponding protection and airtight requirements during wartime; there is no threshold at the door opening at ordinary times, which is convenient for the passage of personnel and vehicles, and also meets the requirements of fire evacuation It is suitable for use in door openings where there are many people and vehicles entering and exiting.

(3) The door leaf of the drop-type civil air defense door can be lifted. When the door leaf is in the lifting state, the lower edge of the door leaf is slightly higher than the ground level, and the door leaf can be opened. There is no threshold at the door opening, but there is a ditch on the outside where the threshold is required to place the door leaf.