Precautions for the use of medical steel airtight doors

Publish Time:

Jan 04,2023

Steel airtight doors are suitable for all types of hospital buildings, including operating rooms, treatment rooms, outpatient rooms, departments, wards and other places. So what should we pay attention to in daily use?

Steel Airtight Door in china

1. The power beam of the medical steel airtight door is made of aluminum alloy profile. The unique V-shaped track and arc groove design meet the sealing requirements when closing. The overall structure is reasonable and reliable. The service life is more than 1 million times. The push and pull force is less than 100N. The special controller and the foot sensor switch have superior performance. The medical staff only need to put their feet into the switch box, and the automatic door can be opened and closed. It can also be operated by manual switch.
2. The medical steel airtight door needs to pay attention to anti-soaking, so as to prevent the indoor door from being soaked in water for a long time, especially the door cover board.
3. Prohibition of reprocessing, do not hang heavy objects on the hospital door, and prohibit reprocessing such as punching holes and cutting edges on door frames, frames, and panels. Because reprocessing will destroy the structure of the door panel, causing serious consequences such as damage or even damage.