Introduction to the role of steel fire doors

Publish Time:

Dec 30,2022

What we need to check is whether its raw materials are high-quality fireproof materials, including its door leaf, door frame and the stuffing inside the door; and whether it has reached the corresponding fireproof according to the division of fireproof standards. Grade standard, what is the melting point of the metal material in the raw material, and whether it can play a role in the fire; after installation, we check whether it can be opened and closed smoothly, and whether the gap width between the door leaves meets the requirements.

Wholesale Steel Security Fire Exit Door

From the name of the steel fire door, we can see that its main raw material is steel material. Because the material it uses is steel, it is superior to wood and other materials in many ways.
For example, it is very good in terms of fire resistance, heat insulation and price. It also has the function of resisting fire. It can not only prevent the spread of fire, but also be smoke-tight, which can reduce the harm of thick smoke to people's health. Steel fire doors have greatly contributed to their superior fire performance.