What problems should be paid attention to when installing quality Escape Door

Publish Time:

Apr 07,2023

1. The installation location should be reasonable

When installing, it should be installed according to the characteristics of the space used, the needs of use, and the installation requirements. For example, some entertainment venues and shopping malls do not arrange quality escape doors as required. Once a fire breaks out, it will be difficult for them to play an ideal role in fire prevention. If it is not installed firmly and firmly, it is easy to cause harm to the escape personnel.

quality Escape Door

2. The components should be fire-resistant

In addition to the fire resistance of the main body of the door panel, its door locks, hinges, latches and other components must have good fire performance. If the fire performance of these accessories is poor, in case of fire, these spare parts will be easily damaged, which will cause damage to the quality Escape Door and cause other safety accidents.

3. The components should be complete

When installing the quality Escape Door, its accessories and components must be prepared and installed in order, and problems such as missing or wrong installation should not occur. When installing, don't forget to install its door closer. If you forget to install the door closer, it will not be able to close the door smoothly in the event of a fire, and it will not be able to play an ideal role in fire prevention.