How to install Shipping Container Window Shutter

Publish Time:

Mar 02,2023

Shipping Container Window Shutter is installed as a necessary product for houses. When using container mobile homes as temporary housing, windows also need to be installed to become qualified residences. Then, when building container mobile homes, windows must be reserved in advance According to the actual situation, the window position should be reserved reasonably.

Shipping Container Window Shutter

When installing the Shipping Container Window Shutter, when installing the container mobile home, it is necessary to reserve the installation position of the window according to the function of the container mobile home to ensure the rationality of the window installation. At the same time, it should be ensured that the reserved position can allow the window to open and close flexibly.

The installation of Shipping Container Window Shutter, whether it is to install the window or reserve the installation position of the window, requires the fastening of the installation. When reserving the position of the window, the stability of the structure of the container mobile room should be ensured, and all bolts, washers, etc. used should be ensured. Fasteners must not be missed or underinstalled. All fastener specifications must comply with relevant regulations. The installation of windows must also be firm to avoid loosening of windows during use, which will greatly affect the safety of use.