We are the leading producer & supplier of steel doors, security doors,prehung doors & windows ,school doors, hospital doors,fire doors and other custom mades doors. The products are mainly used in shipping container, prefab house, school, hospital and a variety of residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We are located in eastern China, an hour's drive from Shanghai. We are a collection of research and development, design, sales and service in one of the modern enterprises. We have a professional sales team and research and development and technical team. Especially good at all kinds of personalized custom steel door research and development design. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers in Southeast Asia, Europe and America, such as UK,Australia, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, etc. We always implement the essence of "quality, integrity, pragmatism and innovation", and unremittingly pursue the quality and service of products. Set up the company's brand, strive to improve the customer's understanding, recognition and satisfaction of products. We believe that our company will provide you with quality products and services. We owns our professional production company which was founded in 2000 and covers an area of 13000㎡ with workshop of 25000 ㎡. It has modern workshop and advanced production equipment, high-quality management personnel and high-tech technical production personnel and advanced management mode. The company has established good and stable cooperative partnership with many well-known Chinese enterprises such as CSCEC, CRCC, algeco Chengdong, GS housing, house space prefab, etc.

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Installation requirements for steel fire doors

During the installation process of steel fire doors, considering the bending deformation of the door frame, it should be supported by wooden slats in the width direction of the door frame.

Maintenance tips for medical steel shaft doors

The hospital's medical steel shaft door is used to block the damage of radiation to everyone's human body. Therefore, we should improve its maintenance in normal application, so as to ensure my physical and mental health, and to increase its service life.

How to choose a door you like

When people nowadays decorate their houses, they usually install a security door at home, because the security door is more secure and durable.

How are the aircraft emergency exit locations arranged

The emergency exit seat is mainly for the convenience of emergency evacuation, leaving a large leg room, but not as much as you want.

Features of Zinc Steel Container Shutters

Zinc steel shutter is a kind of shutter made of zinc alloy material, which can also be used as a protective window.

How to buy hospital steel clean door

There are many steel door manufacturers, the products are uneven, and the market position is low. Each manufacturer basically has weight, but ignores the importance of product quality.

Introduction to steel fire doors

Steel fire door refers to the door frame, door leaf frame and door leaf panel made of steel material. If the door leaf is filled with material,

What are the key points for choosing a steel emergency exit door

There are many materials for doors on the market. Common ones are steel, wood, aluminum alloy, and steel-wood combination, etc.

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