The heat wave of the packed box house

Publish Time:

Mar 23,2022

The advantage of the packed box house is that it can be moved. The container house is the epitome of modern architecture. Realize mobile functions. The price of container houses is much cheaper than traditional houses, and the practicality is not lost to traditional houses at all. The construction concept of the container house is environmental protection, energy saving and fast. Indoor clean and sanitary will not have bad gas, so there is no need to worry about the existence of harmful gases.

The longevity of the container house can be used for more than ten years. It will not be harmed in harsh environments. The container house has good seismic and typhoon resistance, and the mobile board house has sound insulation and heat insulation. When there is heavy rain, there will not be a lot of rain. The thermal insulation performance of the container house is good, and it is cool in winter and warm in summer.

1. The advanced external insulation method meets my country's latest building energy-saving standards, eliminates hot and cold bridges, and keeps the building away from moisture, deformation, mildew, rust and other damage. The unique heat reflection and ventilation interlayer design make the building envelope insulation effect more superior, and the temperature can drop by 5-8℃.

2. The main frame of the product is made of pressed special steel plate, and the side panel has special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold resistance and fire prevention, non-combustible, non-mildew, and no worms; Life span is 70 years; sandblasted paint or galvanized paint greatly improves the corrosion resistance of components. The service life of the box room can reach more than 30 years. It has excellent earthquake resistance (level 8) and wind resistance (level 11). The product weighs about 2.5 tons, which is convenient for overall lifting 3. Roof frame, floor slab, wall and foundation are reliably and firmly connected by special fittings, which can resist typhoon; the roof can bear snow up to 1.5m, and the roof snow load can be designed separately according to climatic conditions.

4. The fire resistance meets the A-level design standard, and the wall, floor and other parts adopt professional technology to ensure safety; 5. Perfect sound insulation and shock absorption technology to meet the national building sound insulation standards, especially in the most sensitive 250 ~ 1000Hz audio of the human ear, focusing on professional strengthening treatment to create a quiet and comfortable living environment;6. Ventilation compartments are installed in the walls and roofs, and the air density and temperature difference are used to form a natural wind effect; a unidirectional breathable layer is specially set in the composite enclosure structure to make the walls and roofs have a "breathing" function, that is, indoor wet The air can be discharged outdoors, but the outdoor moisture cannot enter the room;7. Energy saving: energy consumption is reduced by 65%-90%; water saving: dry construction operation, which is 10% of the traditional construction water consumption; material saving: building materials 90% can be recycled; land saving: increasing the use area within the suite 10 %; Environmental protection: circular, pollution-free building system. The so-called green building refers to the maximum saving of resources during the entire life cycle of the building, including energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, etc., protecting the environment and reducing pollution, and providing people with healthy, comfortable and efficient use of space, and A building in harmony with nature. Green building technology focuses on low consumption, high efficiency, economy, environmental protection, integration and optimization. It is a benefit-sharing between man and nature, present and future, and a construction method for sustainable development. The flashing characteristics highlighted in the green indicators of the packed box house fully demonstrate the various high-quality performance of the packed box house as a green house, which is the embodiment of green buildings.

Packed box houses are used in mobile offices, construction quarters, medical and health, leisure and entertainment, education, residential villas, mobile security posts, temporary headquarters, temporary exhibition halls, multi-box activity rooms, maintenance departments, small warehouses, and sales. Cargo hall and dangerous goods storage, construction engineering, municipal engineering, railway engineering, garden engineering, bridge engineering, steel structure engineering, electric power maintenance engineering, hydropower installation engineering, bring great convenience and thoughtfulness to people's life and office service.