How to judge the thermal insulation performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Publish Time:

Mar 23,2022

Broken bridge aluminum is a popular door and window product in China. For some decoration consumers, the first choice is of course broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, but broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are also relatively expensive. If you want to buy cheap broken bridge aluminum, you will choose some Miscellaneous brand broken bridge aluminum, in which the heat insulation strip is the most important.

There are many brands of broken bridge aluminum. The large-scale broken bridge aluminum aluminum profile manufacturers are all original high-quality nylon PA66 heat insulation strips, while some miscellaneous brands of broken bridge aluminum are PVC heat insulation strips. If the consumer's decoration If the budget is limited and you want to replace the broken bridge aluminum seal balcony, the editor will help everyone. If you buy a miscellaneous brand of broken bridge aluminum, it is best to let the manufacturer configure nylon insulation strips separately.

First, choose the base material of heat insulation strip. European experience and lessons have clearly confirmed that the base material of the heat insulation strip should be polyamide nylon (PA66). Because of its high mechanical strength and high temperature resistance, and it can fully guarantee the stability of its dimensional accuracy, in view of this foundation, the heat insulation strip using polyamide nylon (PA66) as the substrate can be fully undertaken after composite processing and Competent for comprehensive requirements such as bearing capacity of doors and windows, assembly accuracy and so on. However, there is currently a phenomenon of replacing PA66 with other materials such as PVC and nylon 6, which reduces the cost while sacrificing strength and heat resistance, which is easy to cause wind pressure resistance, airtightness, Loss of basic properties such as water tightness.

The second is the choice of heat insulation bar reinforcement. In Europe, the choice of reinforcement for insulation strips has been using glass fiber for 30 years because it can further increase the strength of insulation strips.

The third is the mixing performance of the insulation strip matrix and the reinforcement. In Europe, the heat-insulating strips made of glass fiber reinforced nylon are mainly based on four main reasons: the composite strength (120N/mm) is enough to ensure the load-bearing requirements of the heat-insulating strips in the entire window; Ensure the assembly precision of the whole window (0.2~0.3mm); the thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of aluminum profile (2.35*10-5K-1); good weather resistance, fully guarantee the use within the normal limit temperature range (-30℃-80℃) Claim.