Environmental label upgrades spur technical reform in the wood door industry

Publish Time:

Mar 23,2022

A few days ago, the national environmental standard "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products-Furniture" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection will be officially implemented from February 1. Compared with the previously implemented standards, the new version of the standard increases the requirements for waste recovery and treatment in the production process, adjusts the requirements for the limits of harmful substances in solvent-based wood coatings, and increases the migration elements and phthalate in the product. Limit requirements for acid esters. If it can be implemented in place, the environmental protection of homes and furniture such as wooden doors will be greatly enhanced.

Environmental mark upgrade cannot be reduced to superficial articles As we all know, the environmental label is a label on the product or its packaging, which shows that the product is not only qualified, but also meets specific environmental protection requirements during production, use, processing and disposal.

In fact, environmental standards such as wooden doors already exist, and the corresponding signs will be posted on wooden doors that have been qualified before leaving the factory. Regrettably, because the environmental protection quality of homes and furniture such as wooden doors is not up to standard, it is not uncommon in recent years to cause various diseases. It is the most important thing that this environmental label upgrade should not be reduced to a superficial article.

How to post environmental signs into a form?

To prevent "posting environmental marks on homes and furniture such as wooden doors" into a form, first of all, it is necessary to increase the supervision of home and furniture consumables, forcing plates, paints, etc. to meet quality standards, thereby reducing the hygiene of homes such as wooden doors Security Risk.

Secondly, it is necessary to issue strict signs. In the past, various types of signs were mostly posted by the merchants themselves, which led to the illegal labeling by enterprises and even the reselling of fake labels. The relevant quality inspection departments must supplement the issuance of new standards with stricter testing and more frequent spot checks in order to strengthen the credibility of the new standards.

Finally, the law enforcement department should increase the punishment, and it must make them pay a painful price for the production and sale of wooden doors and other home furnishing enterprises and individuals who fail to meet the environmental protection standards.

In short, compared with the previously implemented standards, this new version of the standard is generally more stringent, and adjustments have added a number of environmental requirements. This also means that after the implementation of the new version of the standard, my country's home and furniture products, such as wooden doors that can obtain environmental labels, will be more green and environmentally friendly. This will also help promote the technological progress of my country's wooden door industry.