In the temporary construction industry, this is how the packed box house kills the mobile house!

Publish Time:

Mar 23,2022

With the diversification of architectural expressions and the increasing awareness of packaging boxes using containers as carriers, the packaging boxes are increasingly occupying the market share of temporary construction, and have eliminated the mobile houses that have dominated the industry for many years.

1. Structure comparison

The packing box is a welded structure. The steel structure adopts galvanized technology, which is composed of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roof system. Each system is composed of several unit modules. The unit modules are manufactured at the factory. The site is assembled by unit modules. They are stylish, unusual, fast to install, easy to move and transport, easy to demolish and store, and are environmentally friendly.

Mobile house is a kind of light steel frame and sandwich panel as the enclosing material. It has low resistance, and it is easy to collapse when the foundation is not solid, typhoon, earthquake, etc.

2. Design comparison

Packing box introduces modern design elements, according to product categories and customer needs, customized services. The packing boxes can be stacked up and down, extended and shortened from left to right, and can be assembled arbitrarily to create a large space and personalized house. The adjustable house base can also adapt to different ground requirements.

The design of the mobile house takes steel, plate and other raw materials as the unit for on-site installation, and has poor performance in sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture proof, and heat insulation.

3. Performance comparison

The packing box is earthquake-resistant class 8 and wind-resistant class 11, with a service life of more than 20 years. It is green and environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Mobile homes are earthquake-resistant class 7 and wind-resistant class 9, with a service life of 8 years, and can be disassembled and used 2-3 times.

4. Basic comparison

The required foundation of the packing box is simpler. It can be used as a bar type or a pier type foundation. It can even be placed directly on the ground without a foundation. There is no need to perform ground treatment on the indoor ground.

Mobile house foundation treatment is more troublesome, concrete foundation needs to be poured, and the foundation cannot be reused.

5. Installation comparison

Packed box houses are installed quickly and the construction period is short. Four workers can complete the single box installation in half a day; they can also be shipped in full boxes and can be used after being connected to the site.

Mobile house installation needs to be made of concrete foundation, main body, color steel plate, ceiling, water and electricity, etc. The installation time is long, the period is 20-30 days, and there is a high-risk operation risk and manual work loss.

6. Transportation comparison

The packing box can be transported by flattening compression or whole box, and it can be transported in multiple ways, effectively saving the cost of long-distance transportation.

After the disassembly and assembly of the mobile house, the materials are more scattered, and the transportation is more troublesome.

7. Comparison of application fields

Packaging boxes can be used in camps, commerce, military, tourism, etc., displayed in the form of office rooms, exhibition halls, sales offices, bed and breakfasts, supermarkets, apartments, etc., which improves the comfort of living and meets the needs of life and entertainment.

Mobile homes are basically only used for temporary construction sites.

8. Energy saving and environmental protection comparison Packing box adopts "factory prefabrication + site installation" mode, construction site does not produce construction waste. After the demolition of the project, there will be no construction waste left behind and no damage to the resident environment.

The packing box can be recycled, zero loss in transition, and reduce the environmental pressure.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly packaging box with high value The on-site installation of the activity room will cause damage to the resident environment, and there will be more construction waste at the transfer site and low recycling rate.

is based on these 8 reasons, successfully killed the mobile home, and become a new generation of big brothers in the construction industry!