What are the skills for the installation of steel fire doors

Publish Time:

Aug 24,2022

The installation sequence of steel fire doors: marking - vertical door frame - door leaf and accessories installation.

① According to the size, elevation and direction required by the design, draw the position line of the door frame opening.

② Vertical door frame: First remove the fixing plate at the lower part of the door frame. If the height of the door frame is greater than the height of the door leaf by 30mm, grooves must be set on the ground on both sides of the opening. The door frame is generally pre-buried 20mm below the ±0.00 elevation, and the upper and lower dimensions of the door frame opening must be the same. The allowable error is less than 1.5mm, and the allowable error of the diagonal line is less than 2mm.

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③ Installation of door leaf and accessories: The gaps around the door frame should be filled firmly with 1:2 cement mortar or fine stone concrete with a strength of not less than 1MPa. It should be integrated with the wall. After curing, paint the holes and walls. After painting, install door leaves, hardware accessories and related fire protection devices. After the door leaf is closed, the door seam should be even and smooth, and the opening should be free and light. Too tight, too loose and spring back are not allowed.