Use of emergency evacuation doors

Publish Time:

Aug 18,2022

1. The opening direction of the evacuation door: open to the evacuation direction. Except for Class A and B production workshops, the opening direction of the evacuation door is not limited for rooms with ≤60 persons and the average number of evacuated persons per door ≤30.
2. When the fire door is set near the deformation joint of the building, it should be set on the side with more floors, and ensure that the door leaf does not cross the deformation joint when the fire door is opened.

customized Emergency Exit Door

3. Underground or semi-underground factory buildings, when multiple fire compartments are arranged adjacent to each other and separated by firewalls, each fire compartment can use the Class A door on the firewall leading to the adjacent fire compartment as the second safety exit, but each fire compartment can be used as the second safety exit. The fire compartment must have at least one safe exit to the outside.
4. All the safety exits in public buildings with first and second grade fire resistance can directly lead to outdoor fire compartments that are difficult to access. The class A fire doors leading to adjacent fire compartments can be used as safety exits.