How are the aircraft emergency exit locations arranged

Publish Time:

Aug 16,2022

The emergency exit seat is mainly for the convenience of emergency evacuation, leaving a large leg room, but not as much as you want. Generally speaking, airline ground uniforms will lock a row of seats at emergency exits and will not be publicly distributed online or on self-service check-in machines.

Emergency Exit Door for house

According to the airline's regulations, this row is generally assigned to those who are able-bodied. Special passengers such as the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, pregnant and young, foreigners who cannot speak language, drunk, obese, and people with limited mobility will not be accepted. arranged in this position.
"Emergency exits" are set up on planes to ensure the safety of all passengers. Passengers sitting in this position, while enjoying the spacious seat, also have to assume the responsibility of "guardian".
During flight and landing, in the event of an accident, when the captain issues an order to evacuate passengers, the person sitting at the emergency exit should assist the flight attendant, open the emergency exit door, place an escape slide or air cushion, and assist other passengers to escape Wait.