Features of Zinc Steel Container Shutters

Publish Time:

Aug 10,2022

Zinc steel shutter is a kind of shutter made of zinc alloy material, which can also be used as a protective window.Compared with ordinary blinds, this kind of window greatly increases its service life due to its high strength and high hardness texture and characteristics. Generally, it can be used for 20 to 30 years, and it has exquisite appearance, bright color and outstanding decoration.

quality Steel Shipping Container Window Shutter

Zinc steel container shutters are resistant to general corrosion and do not rust. Zinc steel cured at high temperature needs to go through a series of processes. After repeated soaking and cleaning, the surface is sprayed with outdoor antioxidant powder.
After two times of high-temperature drying at 220-240 °C, the adhesion of the powder to the steel is increased to form a high-temperature cured layer of Nobel polymer, which greatly improves the anti-corrosion and rust-proof properties of zinc steel.
Zinc steel container shutters are environmentally friendly, stylish and elegant, full of luxury, with different shapes, a large choice, economical, and reasonable price, which meet various consumer needs and become an ideal window to replace traditional shutters.