Steel clean room door installation steps

Publish Time:

Nov 29,2022

1. Clean the door opening. The first thing to do when installing the door is to remove the excess part. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that both sides of the door opening are on the vertical line. When operating this step, the door opening must be cleaned, so as not to cause inconvenience to the subsequent installation.

Steel Cleanroom Door

2. This step is mainly to install the jacking shaft above the door frame. Before installing the jacking shaft, you must pay attention to check whether the accessories are damaged, and determine whether the model matches and whether there is any omission. If so, replace it in time.
3. Use screws or rivets to combine the three profiles of the door frame and tighten them to avoid loosening and causing trouble later. Therefore, it is best to do all the things that should be done when operating this step, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.
4. Start to install the ground shaft. During installation, you can cut a square hole of actual size on the ground and pour mortar. When fixing the ground shaft, punch the center of gravity of the jacking shaft and use a wire hammer to the center of the ground shaft bearing to fix the ground shaft. After the cement is dry, proceed to the next step.
5. Start to install the door body and loosen the anti-theft locking screws on the door leaf. Apply lubricating oil to the ground shaft, so that the door leaf can be opened and installed freely, increasing the service life. Lubricating oil can also be often applied in our later use, not only to ensure the comfort of use, but also to the parts of the door for proper maintenance.