Steel purification door accessories introduction

Publish Time:

Nov 25,2022

1. The steel clean door mold is integrally formed, seamless and corrosion-resistant. The overall performance of the product is good, with the advantages of beautiful appearance, smoothness, high strength, corrosion resistance, no dust accumulation, no dust generation, easy cleaning, etc., and it is convenient and fast to install.

Steel Hospital Door

2. Purified steel door accessories: stainless steel hinges, stainless steel locks, stainless steel hidden bolts (double-opening type), lift-type sweeping strips for the bottom of the door, self-adhesive sealing strips for door panels and door frames to achieve an airtight state after the door is closed, In addition, some non-essential accessories (door closers, anti-collision devices, sequencers, etc.) can also be installed on the purification door. The surface treatment of the purification door adopts electrostatic spraying (color can be customized according to customer requirements).
3. After the purification steel door frame is molded and sandwiched with the machine-made panel wall, the operation is simple. No matter from the perspective of strength or aesthetics, it is the choice of dust-free purification workshops. Product size, material and color can be customized according to customer needs.