Structure of steel sea container door leaf

Publish Time:

Nov 21,2022

1. Door material: The steel must be domestic high-quality double-sided hot-dip galvanized oil-free steel plate from Baosteel or Shougang, and the thickness of the bare steel plate is ≥0.8㎜. The lining plate at the bottom of the door leaf adopts ≥0.8㎜ galvanized steel reinforcement plate to ensure its firmness and stability.

Steel Shipping Container Door

2. The thickness of the door leaf is 40mm. Each surface of the door panel is flat and smooth, without solder joints. The door leaf is formed by one-time bending of a professional flexible bending center. The surface has no joints and no joints. There must be no exposed rivets, screw holes, solder joints, or welds around the door panel.
3. The interior is filled with high-strength imported brand "Helisheng" high-strength, high-density and high-quality honeycomb paper as the door panel filling material, and the diameter of the hole of the honeycomb cardboard is 15 mm. It is fully bonded to the steel plate to ensure its stability and high-strength impact.
4. According to the function of the room, "herringbone"-shaped nylon ventilation louvers are arranged on the bathroom door, and the ward door is equipped with a glass window spliced ​​at an angle of 90 degrees or 45 degrees on the aluminum alloy surface, and the window glass is tempered glass of 6 mm. The blinds in the bathroom are in the primary color of nylon, and the color of the window is the same as that of the door body.