A, B, C fire door use places

Publish Time:

Nov 17,2022

1. Class A fire doors
1) The opening of the firewall. 2) Cinemas, auditoriums, theaters. 3) The doors of each equipment room in the refuge area. 4) The high-rise ward building is near the door of the stairwell. 5) 20,000 m² underground smoke-proof stairwell. 6) Class A workshop (non-explosive hazard). 7) Atrium doors and windows. 8) Intermediate storage tank door. 9) The Class B factory buildings are adjacent to the 10kV substation (distribution) substation. 10) Transformation and distribution room, ventilation and air conditioning machine room, fire pump room, elevator machine room, generator room, oil storage room, diesel generator room, direct combustion engine room, oil-immersed transformer room

Steel Fire Exit Door from China

2. Class B fire doors
1) The stairs separating the first floor and the underground. 2) A door leading to an outdoor staircase. 3) Smoke-proof stairwells, closed stairwells, and front rooms. 4) The outer windows of the refuge floor. 5) KTV. 6) The door of old and young doctors. 7) Except the kitchen door of the house. 8) The doors of each equipment room of the traffic tunnel. 9) The pedestrian street faces the street door. 10) Doors separating Class C factory buildings, Class C and D warehouses from offices and lounges. 11) Fire extinguishing equipment room
3. Class C fire doors
Vertical wells such as cable wells, pipe wells, flue exhaust ducts, exhaust ducts, garbage lanes, etc.