Introduction to the differences and advantages of steel purification doors and anti-theft doors

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Nov 07,2022

The steel purification door refers to the door used in conjunction with the clean room project. The steel purification door is designed to clean the workshop, easy to sterilize, and has no dead ends. The door frame material is made of 1.5mm thick carbon steel or stainless steel, the door panel material is made of 1.0~0.9mm thick carbon steel or stainless steel, and the middle is filled with flame retardant paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb or rock wool core material, and the door panel and door frame are installed from Adhesive sealing tape, door bottom accepts lifting sweeping tape. It can guarantee the sealing of cleaning compartment doors of different grades.

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The surface of steel purification doors on the market is very similar to that of security doors. From the perspective of anti-theft performance, the anti-theft door has a thick steel plate, strong anti-attack ability, and implements national security standards, while the steel purification door implements the enterprise standards of each enterprise. The steel purification door is widely used in indoor and outdoor cleaning workshops. For outdoor steel purification doors, galvanized steel plates, gas shielded welding, and welding reinforcement, waterproof threshold (or bottom seal), anti-theft needles, and anti-ultraviolet coatings are required for each steel bar to adapt to the outdoor sun and rain environment.