Features of Steel Panel Security Doors

Publish Time:

Nov 03,2022

Steel security doors are the most sold products on the market and are most familiar to general consumers. It is said that their sales account for more than 80% of the total sales of security doors in the market.

Steel Panelled Security Door for house

There must be anti-theft keel lining between the two steel plates of the steel anti-theft door. The anti-theft keel has two kinds of grid-shaped and S-shaped. The S-shaped saves material, but is not as strong as the grid. If there is no anti-theft keel inside, the anti-theft will be greatly reduced. In the gap, it is the filler, the best is slag wool, and the more standardized foaming agent can be used for heat preservation and sound insulation, but the fire resistance is poor. The state stipulates that the worst is to use honeycomb paper, but some unscrupulous businessmen use ordinary paper shells to fool people, anyway, most people do not understand. The relatively simple identification method is to knock on the security door with your hand, and the sound is solid, which can indicate that the thickness of the steel plate is sufficient, and the filling is solid. If the sound sounds "pop", or if the finger presses on the steel plate, the steel plate is not thick enough. In addition, you can also feel the quality of the door when opening the door. Generally speaking, the material that feels heavier when pushed open is thicker. As for what the filler is, you can see by unscrewing the cat's eye from the door.