Indicators for purchasing stainless steel security doors

Publish Time:

Nov 01,2022

1. Certificate of Qualification
It is necessary to have a test certificate issued by a statutory testing agency, and a safety technology prevention product production permit issued by the safety technology prevention department of the provincial public security department where the production enterprise is located.
2. Security level
The security of stainless steel security doors is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. C-level anti-theft performance is higher, B-level is the second, A-level is the lowest, and most of the market is A-level, which is generally suitable for ordinary families.

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3. Material
At present, stainless steel is more commonly used, which is beautiful, durable and anti-corrosion. Mainly look at two points: 1. The popular stainless steel anti-theft doors are mainly made of grades 302 and 304. 2. The thickness of the steel plate The thickness of the steel plate of the door frame is not less than 2cm, the thickness of the steel plate at the front and back of the door leaf is generally between 0.8cm and 1cm, and the interior of the door leaf is provided with a skeleton and a reinforcing plate.
4. Locks
Qualified stainless steel anti-theft doors generally use three-way locks or five-way locks. Not only the door lock is locked, but the upper and lower bars can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Most doors also have rubber seals embedded in the door frames, which don't make a screeching metal crash when the door closes.
5. Process quality
Pay attention to whether there are any defects such as open welding, unwelding, and missing welding, and see whether all joints such as door leaf and door frame are tight, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm, and smooth.