What are the application advantages of medical airtight doors

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Oct 28,2022

The 4 major functions of the medical ray protective door The shielding function of the medical ray protective door. The X-ray protective door is made of ordinary stainless steel plate, lead and other materials. The surface layer is made of keel and lined with a shielding plate. Different materials and thicknesses are customized according to the difference, so that the radiation dose received by the staff is lower than the national standard value.

Steel Airtight Door

Interlocking function At present, the more advanced electric radiation protection door can be interlocked with the power supply installed in the mirror. The design program makes it impossible to turn on the radiation machine when the door is open. If the radiation installation is turned on when the door is open, it will be turned off immediately within 2 seconds to ensure that the staff The safety automation function of the ray protection door switch can be connected with the computer.
And the real-time status of the ray protection door is displayed on the computer, and the working status is displayed on the LED display screen on the door, and various control methods such as computer control, button control and manual control are completed to complete automation. Induction function Most radiation protection doors integrate position sensors and infrared detectors. If someone approaches or touches the door during the closing process, the door can immediately stop closing and automatically open, with the functions of running stroke, limit, and time maintenance.