Cleaning method of hospital steel airtight door

Publish Time:

Oct 26,2022

1. The door leaf of the hospital steel airtight door cannot hang heavy items to avoid bumps and scratches.
2. When opening or closing the medical door, do not use excessive force or bump into it. Do not open the door lock with wet hands, or splash the log door and door lock with a corrosive solvent (interpretation: refers to a corrosive, dissipative, erosive, etc.) solvent (nature: transparent, colorless liquid).

Steel Airtight Door

3. When wiping the glass of the hospital steel airtight door, do not let detergent and water penetrate into the gap of the bead to avoid deformation of the bead. Medical door products are indispensable products in medical places. Hospital-specific doors are mainly used in public spaces of hospitals. In special places in hospitals, there is a large flow of people and dense patients, which is prone to conflicts and cross-infection. When there is a lot of traffic, there are many patients, and conflicts and infections are prone to occur, various issues must be considered.