Tips for choosing steel doors

Publish Time:

Oct 18,2022

1, is to see the house type. The choose and buy of the heavy door to door model based on the actual situation to decide, how much the size of the space directly affects the door leaf, will directly affect the stability of the door and the door space of the coordination.

Steel Prefab House Door

2, look at the profile. Heavy-duty sliding door profile is high precision aluminum profile, the tenacity of aluminum profile is strong, and the thickness can reach 1.8mm or more, is committed to creating high-end quality neutral sliding door.

3. Look at the glass. Heavy-duty door adopts 5+27A+5 insulating glass, sound insulation and heat insulation, the stability is very good, the heavy-duty door is easy to push and pull, stable.

4. Look at the pulley. Sliding door is divided into upper and lower two sets of pulley, the pulley plays a guiding role, because it is installed in the upper track, the good pulley structure is relatively complex, not only there are bearings, and there are aluminum blocks to fix the two wheels, so that the directional smooth sliding, almost no noise.