What are the properties of steel clean airtight doors

Publish Time:

Oct 12,2022

1. Protection
Under normal circumstances, the airtight door of the operating room is equipped with induction equipment to avoid personnel being pinched. Even if someone pulls the door open, the system will not behave abnormally. When the medical airtight door operates, the door opens or closes slowly. The main reasons are the low setting of the door opening or closing speed knob, the large running frictional resistance, the looseness of the transmission belt, and the insufficient tension. The controls can then be adjusted to open or close the door at the speed of turning the knob, turn off the power, move the door leaf by hand, check for obstructions in the moving parts, and adjust the tension of the drive belt. In addition, there is an electronic lock function, which can control the entry and exit of workers as needed. In addition, it is equipped with a power supply that operates automatically when the external power supply is turned off to ensure that it is in the set state so that there is no safety incident.

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2. Intelligence
Airtight doors are customer-oriented with a wide range of smart features and guards. The system is controlled by a built-in single-chip microcomputer, and the operation process is automatically set. Customers can set the speed of opening and closing the door and the opening time according to our needs at the same time, so that the medical sealing door can maintain a good state for a long time.