What technical standards should steel airtight doors have

Publish Time:

Oct 10,2022

1. Material and thickness requirements, the thickness of the door frame material is t1.2~1.5mm, the door leaf is t0.8mm, and the material can be stainless steel or galvanized steel.
2. The surface baking paint process is sprayed with antibacterial powder. The coating has high strength, antibacterial and scrub resistance. The color can be selected according to the decoration style.

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3. Process and structure features: There is no sleeve around the door leaf, the inside of the door leaf is filled with honeycomb paper core board to reduce the weight of the door, the door frame has a removable cleaning seal, and the door leaf has a telescopic seal.
4. The window adopts stainless steel liner double-layer vacuum glass window.
5. The hinges and locks are made of stainless steel, and the details of the door leaf are beautifully handled.
6. Stainless steel bumpers, door closers, and electronic access control systems can be added as needed
7. When the door is closed, the door leaf and the door frame fit evenly and tightly without any gap.