Panel security door manufacturers introduce panel door

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Oct 04,2022

The panel door is also called "frame door", also called "Penzi door". The door is made of wood and joined into a frame, and the door is inlaid with wooden boards, hence the name. The wooden frame is mainly composed of two vertical side uprights and three to several horizontal wiping heads (or rising heads). The side stand is connected with the wiping head and chisel tenon to form a frame, and then grooves are formed around the inner side of the frame, and the door core board (or called the champagne board) is inlaid.

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There are four types of panel doors: full-board, with 100-page, half-glass and one-glass three-board. The full-panel door means that the wooden door core board is embedded on the door leaf, which is often used as a door; the door with 100-leaf door means that the wooden louver board is embedded in the lower part of the door leaf, and the other door core boards are embedded, which are often used as bathroom doors; the half-glass door is the upper part of the door leaf. Half of the glass is installed, and the lower half is installed with a door core, which is often used as a kitchen door; a glass three-panel door means that there is one glass and three door cores on the door leaf.