Buying skills of steel pre-hung doors

Publish Time:

Sep 22,2022

1. Whether the steel pre-hanging door is an electric high-speed door, and whether it can be powered off manually, so that the steel pre-hanging door can be opened quickly even in the event of a power outage.
2. The electric performance of the steel pre-hanging door cannot be coasted, so that the limit of the steel pre-hanging door will be more stable, and the probability of failure during use will be much smaller.

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3. In order to improve the smooth speed and degree of the PVC fast rolling shutter door operation, it is necessary to strengthen the pulling force.
4. Observe the precision of the structure of the steel pre-hanging door, the degree of lubrication, the heat dissipation of the motor and the parts, as well as the production process, installation process and after-sales process of the manufacturer. In order to ensure that the fast rolling door can be used without worries.
A good product is inseparable from a good manufacturer. Therefore, when purchasing a steel pre-hanging door, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer of the product.