Cleanroom Needs Steel Cleanroom Door Considerations

Publish Time:

Aug 04,2022

There is a standard for room cleanliness in a cleanroom, so cleanliness requirements are an important consideration when cleanroom doors are installed in a cleanroom.

Wholesale Steel Cleanroom Door

1. In the process of installing a steel clean room door in a clean room, the first thing to pay attention to is the location of the panel filter and other filter equipment and the connection between the pipes. Properly installed controls can do their job and ensure clean room indoor air quality. A clean room is an enclosed environment where air purification is necessary. Only by ensuring the quality of the clean door can the possibility of clean room contamination be reduced.
2. Design effective air supply and ventilation volume according to specific needs. Due to the different standards to be achieved in different environments, it is good to promote the air supply and ventilation of the equipment.
3. In the stage of installing the clean door in the clean room, the installer must ensure the cleanliness of the construction site. It is good to use a vacuum cleaner or disinfectant to clean the site from all sides, and wipe it down with a clean cloth if necessary.