How to buy hospital steel clean door

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Aug 02,2022

There are many steel door manufacturers, the products are uneven, and the market position is low. Each manufacturer basically has weight, but ignores the importance of product quality. So how can you buy a hospital steel clean door that meets the usage standards?

Wholesale Steel Cleanroom Door

1 look at the door

Qualified hospital steel clean door frame is installed in the form of the door cover, and a set of line, no set of line, the width of the cover can be with the wall thickness of the appearance of people can be tested, in the installation of the door cover, the door cover will leave the installation hole, with the tool measurement is.

2 Look at the observation hole

General steel clean door is not with an observation hole, and the hospital steel clean door must be with an observation hole, because the hospital steel clean door is mainly used in the ward door, customized, so that it can completely increase the beauty of the wall, increase the aesthetic chip for the overall decoration environment.

3 Look at the thickness of door fan board

The thickness of the general steel clean door plate is 0.4-0.6, and the thickness of the hospital clean door plate is only 0.7 and 0.8, and 0.8 is in the majority. Although we can not see the thickness of the real hospital steel clean door from the outside, we must especially emphasize the thickness of the steel plate when buying, and we can do spot inspection.