How to choose a door you like

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Jul 29,2022

When people nowadays decorate their houses, they usually install a security door at home, because the security door is more secure and durable. But many people have a misunderstanding about security doors, they will mistakenly think that security doors are steel doors. In fact, this idea is wrong. Security doors are not equal to steel doors. There are many types of security doors. Let us get to know them well. 

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Among door products, security doors and fire doors are two special types of doors, which have special requirements in terms of function and safety. Security doors and fire doors have different functions and are used in different places. Generally, security doors are used for entry, and fire doors can be used in bedrooms and others.
The main task of the anti-theft door is to prevent theft. The door should have a high degree of sturdiness, and the sealing performance is not good. Generally, the door cannot be opened without a key outside the door after closing the door, and the filling material inside the door is not a fireproof material. Security doors must be marked "FAM".
Now the common steel door on the market, that is, the ordinary steel door, the door lock is the traditional keyhole unlocking. Although this kind of anti-theft door has a certain protective function, its anti-prying performance is poor, and the door lock level is hovering at the A-level lock, and the performance of the anti-theft door is poor. There are many types of security doors: according to the material, they are divided into: iron doors, composite doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors and copper doors