How to choose a medical steel shaft door

Publish Time:

Jul 27,2022

One of the hallmarks of hospital doors is their frequent opening and closing. Regular inspections by medical staff, injections and dressing changes, bed inspections by doctors, and family visits, the inner doors of the hospital are opened and closed hundreds of times a day. The pivot door has taken this problem into consideration at the beginning of the design. Two high-carbon square steel pipes are designed in the door leaf to prevent the deformation of the door leaf caused by frequent use of the steel pivot door leaf of the ward; It prevents the use of the medical steel shaft door from being affected by the deformation of the door frame.

Discount Steel Shaft Door

The medical steel shaft door has been treated with good moisture-proof treatment on the parts that are prone to moisture. The two mullions of the door frame are close to the ground with moisture-proof edge sealing, and the back panel of the door frame is made of moisture-proof board, so that the medical steel door can be adapted to different regions. climatic environment.