What are the characteristics of steel airtight doors in terms of technology

Publish Time:

Jul 15,2022

The airtight door is to prevent the direct convection between the partitioned space and the outside air, and form a certain negative pressure in the partitioned space, that is to say, the pressure inside the partitioned space is smaller than the outside pressure. On the top of the door, fasten the door tightly to ensure the good sealing and impermeability of the partition space, thereby reducing the pollution of the partitioned space to the outside world.

Cheapest Steel Airtight Door

1. External structure: High-quality vacuum air-tight tapes should be installed around the door body of the air-tight door in the operating room, and processed with efficient compression technology to ensure the air-tight effect of the steel air-tight door;
2. Internal structure: The interior of the steel airtight door should be made of rigid polyurethane integral high-pressure foaming process, and then matched with a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is pressed and formed by a large platform of automatic lifting hydraulic equipment to ensure the good flatness of the door leaf.
Custom Features for Steel Airtight Doors
1. The surface of the steel airtight door can be selected according to the needs of users;
2. The steel airtight door can be equipped with foot switch and professional handle according to the needs of users, which is convenient for users to enter and exit;
3. Steel airtight doors can also choose safety sensors according to the needs of users to prevent accidents.