Six components of steel airtight door

Publish Time:

Jul 11,2022

1. Door body
The door body of the medical airtight door is mostly composed of color steel plate with polyurethane in the middle. The thickness of the door plate is about 5cm, and the single-sided color steel plate is about 0.374mm. You can also make single or double openings according to actual needs, and the color can also be determined according to needs, and the surface can be sprayed with paint. The door panels that are carefully painted and sprayed are very beautiful.

Steel Airtight Door

2. Perspective window
You may not know much about the perspective window of the airtight door. It is what we call the observation window, which is generally made of aluminum alloy with a double-layer hollow tempered glass outer ring.
3. Anti-collision belt
The anti-collision belt of the medical airtight door has two functions, one is beautiful, and the other is anti-collision.
4. Sealing strip
The sealing strip is used for sealing around the door body, and it is close to the wall to prevent air leakage.
5. How to open the door
There are many ways to open the medical airtight door. You can choose according to your own needs, and how to get there.
6. Slide rail
The slide rail on the medical door is used to move and fix the door body, and also has the function of hiding the motor.